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Keesler Orthodontics takes pride in paying special attention to other parts of the facial structures that can influence the long-term stability of your orthodontic results. We emphasize the importance of bite correction and are constantly monitoring the health and stability of the jaw joints, while providing patients with the most attractive smiles possible.

There is a critical and often misunderstood relationship between teeth and jaw joints. Without adequate bite correction, long-term problems and degeneration in the chewing system can develop, as well as relapse of the orthodontic results. To correct the bite, we typically mount molds of the teeth on an instrument called an articulator. The articulator is indispensable in studying the relationship between the teeth and jaw joints. Detailing tooth positions and monitoring treatment are important to the bite correction orthodontist. Drs. Keesler have the skills and use the proper techniques to provide you with a smile that will last you a lifetime.

Even if an attractive smile is your only desire, we can design a treatment plan for you that will achieve the results you're looking for, and provide post-treatment retainers that help protect the long-term health of your chewing system.

Indirect Bonding

With indirect bonding, we can ensure your brackets are positioned at the perfect place with computer precision. First, we will create a model of your teeth, and then study each tooth to determine the ideal position and angle for the bracket to be placed. After all locations are decided upon, we will attach the brackets to the model, and cover them with a soft, flexible tray material, creating a cast of your teeth with the braces attached. We will then apply the bonding solution to each of the brackets. After that, it’s simply a matter of fitting the tray onto to your teeth and applying a little pressure – bingo! Perfectly placed brackets every time! Indirect bonding benefits our patients immensely by minimizing discomfort and making orthodontic treatment as efficient as possible.


i-CAT 3D Imaging

Keesler Orthodontics is dedicated to providing our patients state-of-the-art technology with the use of the iCAT 3D Imaging System. This system allows Drs. Keesler to create the most thorough orthodontic treatment plan by generating high resolution 3D images of the patient’s teeth, jaws, and airway.

The iCAT 3D Imaging System provides quick and comfortable imaging for the most precise orthodontic diagnosis. The iCAT offers many benefits including:

  • Increased comfort – patients are seated in an open environment
  • Airway assessments
  • TMJ assessments
  • A single 20 second scan provides all the images needed for a complete diagnosis
  • Safer diagnosis with less radiation than traditional x-rays

Intraoral Scanning

Taking orthodontic impressions has never been easier. For some procedures we are able to offer our patients goop-less impressions with our digital scanner. We can quickly take records of your teeth using our intraoral wand. These digital impressions are much more comfortable and precise than traditional orthodontic impressions.

What Our Patients Are Saying
Every single staff member is amazing and super friendly! Always a smile on everyone's face. Very thorough and super accommodating. Have total faith putting our child's oral care in both of Dr Keesler's hands
Marci Kreuzer-Messerschmidt
My kids have both gone there. They are do the most excellent work! They are professional, and the best place to go
Harmony Davis Getsfried
As an older adult looking to straighten my teeth, I felt very welcomed by everyone. I feel very confident in what can be done to help me achieve what I want done with my teeth/bite. Looking forward to having a great smile.
Denise Gidlof
Very impressed with the level of care and service from everyone I have met. My daughter is young and was very nervous but they have done an amazing job of making it as easy for her as they can. The TVs with kids shows and waiting area are a big help!! The smile on my daughters face when she opened the card from Cheri was priceless. Thank you!!
Theresa Lauer
AWESOMEST place ever! No more crooked teeth for me! All the gals there are the best! Wish I had more crooked toothfers to get straightened! I know where I would go to get 'em fixed! Oh and both Dr's are cool too! Ya'll ROCK in my book!
Louie Dumke
Thank you so much Dr. Jeff for giving me my smile and confidence back. It is a gift there is no amount of money could buy . You are in my heart always so .....SMILE ALWAYS
Trish Stephenson
Very happy with the care and action plan for my sons teeth, Logan was very nervous for his appointment but everyone was so welcoming and great to him!!!
Nicole Kappell
Keesler Orthodontics = beautiful smiles. Thank you for all the care and beautiful smiles. The kids smiles are priceless.
Debbie Olson
Great people! Very professional. Can't wait to get Blake's treatment started!
Shaina Swantz Fish
The entire staff here is amazing!! We love Keesler ortho!!
Amanda Quella Senkbeil
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