Eating With Orthodontic Appliances

It’s important for you to know how to properly take care of your teeth and braces throughout your entire orthodontic treatment. Foods and drinks that may cause dental cavities should be restricted while wearing braces. Teeth move best in a healthy environment and in individuals with excellent overall health. Please avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods to prevent extended treatment time. To keep it all straight, we’ve put together an easy to read chart:

Yes Foods

Pudding Jello Yogurt
Soup Pasta Rice
Mashed potatoes Soft sandwiches (peanut butter jelly) Grilled cheese
Fruit Cheese Cooked vegetables
Olives and pickles Tuna salad Candy bars without caramel or nuts
Reeses peanut butter cups Peppermint patties And lots of ice cream and milkshakes!

Hard Foods

Hard pizza crust Hard candy Hard pretzels
Rice Krispy Treats Doritos Fritos
Cheetos Combos Hard taco shells
Bagels Lollipops Lifesavers
Jolly Ranchers Now & Laters Beef jerky
Slim Jims Caramel popcorn Regular popcorn
Carrots and apples Ice and ice cubes Corn on the cob
Hard granola bars Nuts  

Sticky Foods

Bubble gum Gumballs Jawbreakers
Taffy and Tootsie Rolls Caramels Starbursts
Sugar Daddys Candy bars Snickers
Candy with nuts Lollipops Lifesavers
Jelly beans Skittles Good & Plenty
Milk Duds Fruit Roll-Ups Licorice
What Our Patients Are Saying
Every single staff member is amazing and super friendly! Always a smile on everyone's face. Very thorough and super accommodating. Have total faith putting our child's oral care in both of Dr Keesler's hands
Marci Kreuzer-Messerschmidt
My kids have both gone there. They are do the most excellent work! They are professional, and the best place to go
Harmony Davis Getsfried
As an older adult looking to straighten my teeth, I felt very welcomed by everyone. I feel very confident in what can be done to help me achieve what I want done with my teeth/bite. Looking forward to having a great smile.
Denise Gidlof
Very impressed with the level of care and service from everyone I have met. My daughter is young and was very nervous but they have done an amazing job of making it as easy for her as they can. The TVs with kids shows and waiting area are a big help!! The smile on my daughters face when she opened the card from Cheri was priceless. Thank you!!
Theresa Lauer
AWESOMEST place ever! No more crooked teeth for me! All the gals there are the best! Wish I had more crooked toothfers to get straightened! I know where I would go to get 'em fixed! Oh and both Dr's are cool too! Ya'll ROCK in my book!
Louie Dumke
Thank you so much Dr. Jeff for giving me my smile and confidence back. It is a gift there is no amount of money could buy . You are in my heart always so .....SMILE ALWAYS
Trish Stephenson
Very happy with the care and action plan for my sons teeth, Logan was very nervous for his appointment but everyone was so welcoming and great to him!!!
Nicole Kappell
Keesler Orthodontics = beautiful smiles. Thank you for all the care and beautiful smiles. The kids smiles are priceless.
Debbie Olson
Great people! Very professional. Can't wait to get Blake's treatment started!
Shaina Swantz Fish
The entire staff here is amazing!! We love Keesler ortho!!
Amanda Quella Senkbeil
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