Eating With Orthodontic Appliances

It’s important for you to know how to properly take care of your teeth and braces throughout your entire orthodontic treatment. Foods and drinks that may cause dental cavities should be restricted while wearing braces. Teeth move best in a healthy environment and in individuals with excellent overall health. Please avoid hard, sticky, and chewy foods to prevent extended treatment time. To keep it all straight, we’ve put together an easy to read chart:

Yes Foods

Pudding Jello Yogurt
Soup Pasta Rice
Mashed potatoes Soft sandwiches (peanut butter jelly) Grilled cheese
Fruit Cheese Cooked vegetables
Olives and pickles Tuna salad Candy bars without caramel or nuts
Reeses peanut butter cups Peppermint patties And lots of ice cream and milkshakes!

Hard Foods

Hard pizza crust Hard candy Hard pretzels
Rice Krispy Treats Doritos Fritos
Cheetos Combos Hard taco shells
Bagels Lollipops Lifesavers
Jolly Ranchers Now & Laters Beef jerky
Slim Jims Caramel popcorn Regular popcorn
Carrots and apples Ice and ice cubes Corn on the cob
Hard granola bars Nuts  

Sticky Foods

Bubble gum Gumballs Jawbreakers
Taffy and Tootsie Rolls Caramels Starbursts
Sugar Daddys Candy bars Snickers
Candy with nuts Lollipops Lifesavers
Jelly beans Skittles Good & Plenty
Milk Duds Fruit Roll-Ups Licorice
What Our Patients Are Saying
It's rare to have that doctor experience where they truly understand your individual situation and can finally explain why you have these problems, even when other doctors didn't believe you. I had that experience with Dr. Keesler. He explained so many of my unanswered questions. I can tell by his recommendations that he cares about what's in my best interest. It's so refreshing to have a doctor so intelligent who really cares about helping his patients. The staff is very friendly and kind.
We love Keesler Orthodontics!! The office is fun and colorful; which completely puts my son at ease. But the best part is the staff… they're kind, knowledgeable and have treated us with respect. Would recommend them to anyone!!
After seeing multiple dentists in many states, my orthodontics hold up to exceptional standards 15 years later. My dentists repeatedly comment on the straightness of my teeth and placement of my permanent retainer 18 years after my braces were removed.
Amazing staff! Make even adults feel great! Even through the pandemic, their service was amazing. The cleanliness of the building was too. I will always recommend Keesler Orthodontics! Thank you all for your amazing hospitality and amazing work you have done!
All 3 of my children went to Keesler Orthodontics! Dr. Jeff, Dr. Marissa, and the entire staff are great!! Always happy and ready to help. We have one more child to get braces and she will definitely be going to Keesler to complete our perfect smiles!!
Best Orthodontist in the area! Very professional, knowledgeable and do great work! I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else.
Both of our kids have had orthodontic services at Kessler Orthodontics and the experience could not of been better. The staff has always been professional and kind and the doctors as well. Thank you so much for a great experience! I can't recommend them highly enough!
I'm so impressed with Keesler Orthodontist! The staff is always friendly and they go out of their way to make sure everyone has a positive experience. They called the day after my daughter's expanders were put on to check how everything was going and even sent some coupons in the mail for some free shakes! My daughter isn't afraid to go and looks forward to her next appointment! I would highly recommend them!
I highly recommend Keesler Orthodontics. Everyone is so nice and accommodating- they are so friendly, all of the time. Had a great experience and love my new smile.
Keesler Orthodontics has been nothing short of amazing. They are very knowledgeable and help ease worry. They make teeth health fun and not scary at all. They help answer questions and take time to make sure you feel comfortable with everything. We always recommend Keesler to friends and family members looking for wonderful orthodontic care!
Friendly and informative. Always great customer service and keeps us informed of every step of the orthodontic journey. Could not recommend them more.
Compared to other places I've been, Keesler Orthodontics is more informative and reliable. Everything was explained to us very well. We were left with no doubts after the examination and started the treatment immediately. The doctors and the staff are all very friendly and helpful.
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