Foods to Avoid

To be posted on your refrigerator door.
The foods to avoid are...

Hard Foods

Hard pizza crust Hard candy Hard pretzels
Rice Krispy Treats Doritos Fritos
Cheetos Combos Hard taco shells
Bagels Lollipops Lifesavers
Jolly Ranchers Now & Laters Beef jerky
Slim Jims Caramel popcorn Regular popcorn
Carrots and apples Ice and ice cubes Corn on the cob
Hard granola bars Nuts  

Sticky Foods

Bubble gum Gumballs Jawbreakers
Taffy and Tootsie Rolls Caramels Starbursts
Sugar Daddys Candy bars Snickers
Candy with nuts Lollipops Lifesavers
Jelly beans Skittles Good & Plenty
Milk Duds Fruit Roll-Ups Licorice
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